A Different Christmas Dinner

Winter is finally here. Everything is covered with snow. Children are playing outside, making snowmen and snow angels. These are just some of the things that remind us that the Christmas season has finally arrived. It has been a tradition throughout the world to celebrate Christmas through a festive dinner.

There are a lot of customs and traditions that we follow throughout the world, but it is sad to know that there are plenty of families who do not have the opportunity to practice this tradition. You're lucky if you belong to the few who celebrate Christmas. To lighten their Christmas dinners, I have some ideas taken from different countries to share with everyone.

The UK also offers delicious cuisine. The UK brings food to your table could give a familiar taste than expected. Some of the popular Christmas dinner in the UK includes roast turkey, roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, dressing and of course cake pudding, english christmas crackers are interesting to do well. It contains small treats inside and can give kids after dinner.

Our second stop is in Italy. Certain parts of Italy have this tradition of refraining from eating red meat on Christmas Eve. Instead of red meat, this has fished for dinner. This is also known as 7 fish dinner and is a delight for all seafood lovers out there.

This will make your Christmas a little different from others, because instead of serving chicken, pork or beef, which has a fish dish in the center of the table. If you think that fish is not your craving Christmas Day, you have more options in hand. More importantly, eat with your loved ones and have a fun time together.

Written by Sara William

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