Burn More Fat With HIIT Training

Not getting the results which you were looking for with your cardio workouts? Don't worry here is a solution. It came in the form of HIIT training also known as high intensity interval training.  It burns more fat than the traditional cardio.

HIIT is slightly different from the traditional cardio. Through traditional cardio, the body stays at a steady pace. HIIT cardio comprises of a short intense period of anaerobic exercise along with a less intense recovery period. Want get enrolled in the HIIT training program? You can visit to know more about the HIIT program.

Common HIIT exercises have a work ratio of 2: 1 followed by rest parts. For example, go for 30-40 seconds on the spot running or sprinting, followed by 15-20 seconds jogging or walking.

For more proficient, do one hard sprint for 1 minute, then walk 30 seconds. By doing HIIT, you can improve athletic conditions, glucose breakdown, and fat burning. If you want to be a better athlete than your friends, try it.

One of the greatest benefits of HIIT training is that, you can get good training in a shorter time. If you can set aside 10 to 20 minutes from your busy schedule, then you can get an effective training.

HIIT is a great approach to get maximum results in a shorter period of time.

Written by Sara William

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