Horse Training Tips – Learning How to Train a Horse

How to train a horse is something that will start from birth. Most horses may not be treated at birth or even until they are ready to be trained for saddles but from birth they will learn all about the world around them. You can navigate to know more about the best equine joint supplement.

But once the horse becomes yours and the age of the training it will be your job to train it properly. For some people, training properly means that you will spend money asking other people to do it. But there is so much you can do yourself so you will be surprised.

I thought I would give my advice on how to train horses to receive saddles. Keep in mind that this is after you should be familiar with your horse and build an understanding of who the "herd boss" is and who is responsible.

If you and your horse both still think that the horse is in power then you might want to do some other things before you start working on how to train horses to receive saddles.

How to train a horse to receive a saddle will first require you to work to let him know what a mare is. Placing a saddle at the gate and letting the horse sniff is a good way to prove it. After they get used to the smell of strange objects, you have to tie your horse with a knot.

The slip knot is very good because then if they are too scared or try to fall back or something you can quickly release it before they do real damage. So with your horse tied to a sturdy pole, take the blanket and let them sniff it.

Written by Sara William

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