How To Grow The Church?

The first step to grow the church is to win souls. Win friends and family by sharing the scriptures and to share the things that God has changed in your life. When you win a soul, you have to be compassionate. Find out if the person has some problems with life and offer assistance. Be a friend and you will definitely be able to win them.

After winning a soul, you need to take care of them. This stage is called the stage of consolidation. Some people are very easy to win, but it was not easy to keep them coming to church. It is not enough to invite them. You need to make sure that they grow strong in their faith. If you are looking for prayers then you can submit your prayer request online.

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Growing the church is not just about the number of first timers in the church. This is about the number of people believe that they will continue to go to church.. You need to do this because of your love you have for God. Follow up with people who believe in God and always communicate with them. In this way, they will feel more comfortable about the church and other believers around them.

You need to schedule regular meetings with these people. Having small groups and talk about the Bible. Discipleship is a key bet for sure that your church will grow stronger and faster. Imagine having the strong Christians in the church are very willing to share the love of Christ to others.


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