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Plastic pallets are rising on an unstoppable surge of popularity among shippers. Admired for their efficiency and versatility; praised for their environmental credentials. Wood is traditional, and for reasons of initial cheapness remains popular. But plastic has the answers to the modern challenges of shippers and merchants.

Anyone who ships products abroad is only too aware of the ISPM 15 regulations. ISPM is the International Phytosanitary Standard for wood packaging, increasingly strong-arm legislation aimed at stopping the spread of wood pests between countries.

The principles are impeccable; the requirements stringent. And not surprisingly, ISPM 15 is being adopted by countries and markets throughout the world. But – and here's a core reason for their increasing popularity – plastic pallets are totally exempt from these regulations. You can browse to get more info about export pallets.

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Not surprising when you consider they are:

  • Immune to infestation and mold.
  • Resistant to bacterial growth and liquid absorption.
  • Impervious to solvents, fats, acids, and noxious odors.

There are also strong environmental pluses – completely recyclable and with no demands on increasingly scarce timber resources. These modern age pallets allow for safe and easy product movement all the way along the chain from manufacturer to the final customer.

Reusable plastic pallets are made for closed-loop systems – where the initial shipper gets them back for on-going use – and are rated by the number of usages or 'turns' they make before being removed from circulation.

And while the initial price of reusable plastic pallets is higher, handling costs are cut as a result of their multi-use capabilities.

For one-way shipping requirements, export pallets are a compelling solution; lightweight and cost-effective. Such is their versatility that they make for easy handling by forklift and pallet jacks. Now manufactured at low cost, export pallets can be refurbished or recycled at the end of their life cycle.

Written by Sara William

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