Looking For A Daycare Center?

1. Know what you want – Do you want a classroom atmosphere with many other children or a house that set up with fewer children? Do you want a daycare center close to home or closer to your work? Are you looking for a preschool curriculum? Will, your child do better with a daily schedule or a more relaxed day? Write down the list of what you are looking for before you start so you can narrow down your choices and save time.

2. Word of Mouth – The best way to find a good daycare in Kirkland is to ask your friends, ask at work, and ask at the gym! If someone says they have a good daycare center, pull up your priority list and see if the daycare is suitable for your child. Get as many different options as possible so you have more to choose from.

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3. Contact local child care referral services – Most cities have at least one referral service to help match children with the opening of available child care centers. These referral services are usually free, and although they do not give an opinion about which childcare center is best, it is still a good way to find out what a daycare center near your home or workplace has openings.

4. Check online – Some daycares have websites that can give you a great idea about all of them. Just look for "your daycare, your city, and your state". The best thing about a well thought out child care website is that it saves you time in the interview process.

Written by Sara William

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