Physical Therapy in Treating Back Pain

The pain management center adopts active and passive therapy techniques to provide immediate relief from pain. Physical therapy is effective in treating back pain; it can prevent the condition from worsening and help restore lost mobility.

Active and Passive Care in Physical Therapy

Active treatment involves certain therapeutic exercises. This helps to stretch and strengthen the back muscles. Therapists show the right way to do these exercises and continue to monitor their improvement. You can also search online for bodily treatments in New York.

Passive care is more advanced because it is based on scientific studies. Physical therapy treatments now include pain relief modalities such as TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) and ultrasound. Patients will be treated with hot and cold therapy along with massage and joint mobilization.

In almost all cases, doctors adjust treatment programs because the patient's individual needs are different. The physical therapist will also advise patients on how to adopt correct posture when walking, sitting, driving, lifting weights and other activities.

Maintain Positive Outlook

The role of physical therapy in treating back pain is important. However, it is important to maintain a positive outlook if you want to get the maximum benefit from this program.

Pain that lasts for more than a few days must be diagnosed and treated without further delay because there is a possibility that the acute condition becomes chronic, which can be far more serious.

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