Tips to Save Money While Visiting Fiji Island


Fiji is definitely recommended by many travelers for a lot of good reasons. Fiji or Fiji Island is comprised of 300 plus small islands that make it perfect to experience tons of water sport activities, pristine beaches, beautiful coral and marine species and more. The only mistake many inexperienced travelers make is that they end up spending a fortune just to enjoy a few days of vacation. However, these are a few helpful tips that will not only get you to save money but also allow you to have the best possible time in Fiji.

  1. Do your Homework – By this, it means to consider accommodation rates as your first preference. There are tons of resorts and hotels and even bungalow where you can stay. However, many travelers do not research enough to save some cash. Make sure that you look for discounts to have a comfortable stay. Also, check whether the hotel or resort offers a complimentary meal.
  2. Consider the Exchange Rate – Just like any other destination, you will require to use the local currency before coming to Fiji. The exchange rate will depend on the country you live in. For some, it may be cheap while for others it will be expensive. Therefore, look for days when the exchange rate is low.
  3. Avoid Freebies – Many companies use this term ‘Freebie’ as a source of marketing strategy. It sounds free however, it isn’t. In fact, by taking such a thing will result in you spending more than you were expecting.

If money is not an issue, then you can always choose to stay in some of the finest luxury Fiji island resorts for a fancier experience.

Written by Sara William

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