Truck Accident Lawyer Discusses Reducing Driver Fatigue

Truck accidents are some of the most devastating accidents out there, and the reasons are quite clear. The truck, and when I say the truck I mean is a semi-truck or tractor-trailer, is the biggest vehicle on the road, surpassing most other vehicles by thousands of pounds. And when one of the trucks crashes into another vehicle, which most of the time is not a semi-other truck, the result is a disaster.

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But accidents like this do not have to happen. We can prevent it only by preventing one of the most common causes of truck accidents – driver fatigue. Get to know more about truck accident injury lawyer boca raton via reading online.

Because any truck accident lawyer will prove it, driver fatigue causes most of the causes of truck accidents out there. And, even though it will really lighten their pockets, every honest truck accident lawyer will tell you that this accident can really be prevented. Here are some ideas to reduce this tragedy.

First, truck drivers need to be aware that they may suffer from sleep disorders and provide tools to diagnose and treat sleep disorders that may be present. There is nothing worse than an accident that can be prevented with awareness and perhaps treatment.

Secondly, it makes it okay for truck drivers to stop and rest when they are tired. As I stated in the abstract, truck drivers are pushed to their limits in terms of travel hours. And even though there are standards out there, many times the driver will push to reach the destination even though they are lacking sleep. A cultural shift needs to occur that makes it stop and rest.

Third, the government needs to help with number two by providing adequate space for trucks to get off the road to rest. Many truck drivers have a bed in their truck cabin so they can sleep anywhere at any time. But if there is no place for them to park their vehicle safely, it is impossible for them to stop and rest.

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