Ultimate Guide To Have That Cat Eye Nails Effect

If you are tired of doing the usual nail designs, you may have tried searching several arts you would like to try for your nails. There are actually a lot of styles available online. They even provide viewers a step by step procedure so that everyone can achieve and practice it at their homes. So, if you are opting for a classy yet laid back design, try out this cat eye nails effect.

You might be thinking that you would draw authentic cat eyes on nails, but that is rather not the case. Cat eyes are usually referring to line or lines of light which dazzles in its position on the middle of your nail. This aspect is then resembled to the eye of a cat. Manicurists can even tell that this is a hot trend for nails.

Of course, before anything else, you have to ensure to select a color that would definitely suit you. Although it is obvious enough the beauty it holds, it might turn into waste when the color does not matches you. You do not want to look too fierce or overly mature due to your nails. So, check out these series you may try, too.

Pinks. Let us admit it, this is not the most sought color for a shunning base color for this design. However, it can be an ideal pick for females who love a sweet and nude shade. Put some fun into it by having alternation of colors. For instance, you can alter white and pink as these two are perfect cutesy partners.

Do not shy away from trying gray colors. It is actually giving more justice and emphasis on the look. If you have observed, gray has contouring impact which cannot only rock your whole getup, but it can also make your hands and fingers to look attractively thin. Incorporate constellation ideas and upgrade the cat eye base.

Now, let us dig deeper to the gray series. Go deeper to dark. Girls who would like to show off their cooler side of their personalities can find delight in this. Improve it by sprinkling gold flakes and enjoy the wholesome output. Try sprinkling silvers as well and instilling little gems that would go best for your tone.

While some enjoy the dark sides, it is also fun to play with earth shades. Some may have ignored these, but they give off that caramelized feel onto our nails. You may even recreate it with a shattered glass style and play with jewels to stick on your base. You could also even draw intricate styles if possible.

To create the effect, you will be needing a flat nail magnet and a magnetic polish. Firstly, you must file and buff your nails for preparation. Next, apply base coat. After, brush a coat of the magnetic polish. Whilst wet, utilize the nail tool and put it for six to ten seconds. Magnets will pull in iron elements upward, thus forming the cat eye.

This project would be possible done alone if you completed the appropriate tools and have essentially stable hand. However, if not, it us best to rely on the expertise of the professionals. Knowingly, this has a lot of steps to follow with all the magnet and iron involved, it can be difficult for beginners to achieve it and even ruin the manicure.

Written by Sara William

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