What are Acoustic Ceiling Systems?

The science of sound and the importance of acoustics have been and unfortunately, are still very underrated in many industries that should be able to rely on its expertise.

If only the times were over, property developers and architects attached great importance to the acoustic quality of buildings and living spaces and were fully aware of the extremely important effects of acoustics.

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Many people still limit the control of acoustic environments and the discipline of audiology to obvious areas of application such as concert halls. However, without knowing it, we experience all the effects of our acoustic environment throughout our daily lives and generally do not know how this can affect our levels of productivity, concentration and even mood.

According to a 2004 study of the effect of different acoustic environments on staff and patients in a health facility, improved room acoustics significantly improved the psychosocial work environment.

The study also found that acoustics could have additional consequences on staff turnover, quality of patient care and medical errors.

While this may be just one example of how the acoustics of your environment can affect you and those around you a great deal, there is plenty of other evidence to suggest a close relationship between acoustics and psychosocial well-being.

Sound absorption helps to reduce not only overall sound levels, but also certain sound frequencies that sometimes make hearing difficult and that have also been shown to encourage irritability and, in some cases, aggressive behavior.

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